• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

Precision PR

Precision PR

Precision PR Limited is a UK-based PR and marketing communications agency. We specialise in B2B technologies used in medical, dentistry, engineering, manufacturing and digital imaging sectors.

Precision PR Limited - B2B & Technology PR and Communications

Precision PR Limited – B2B & Technology PR and Marketing

Our approach

The world is full of people and organisations, all shouting for attention. But shouting doesn’t always work.

Success comes through saying the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Sometimes, a whisper is the clearest sound you’ll hear.

Efficient and effective communications

PR for PR’s sake is yesterday’s news. We work with you to deliver integrated national and international communications strategies that support your business goals.


If you are planning an integrated communications, PR or marketing campaign, call us: +44 7432 189 149 or email chris@precisionpr.co.uk.

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