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Industria Grafica quotes Brian Minards on design

Brian Minards - Precision PR -design at IPEX

Industria Grafica has quoted Brian Minards, Precision PR’s branding and graphic design associate. Brian discusses the part that graphic design will play at this year’s IPEX 2017 exhibition. Informa, organisers of IPEX, are keen to show how technologies are making print more relevant. Digital printing is making true personalisation a reality, and providing useful data for on-pack proof-of-purchase promotions. These…

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Coming from America?

Pan Am Boeing 707

In 1999, when I started work for Hyperion as EMEA PR Manager, the internet had already begun to change the international communications landscape. Companies could no-longer conduct discrete communications and media relations programmes on a country-by-country basis. What was said in California on Tuesday could be known to UK and European journalists on Wednesday morning. And what was done in…

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