• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

Autonomous vehicles – the weakest link

1911 Argyll - winner of the Gordon Bennett Rally - definitely NOT autonomous

The nut holding the steering wheel Anyone who is truly interested in cars has been told that the weakest part is the nut holding the steering wheel. Ha ha – everyone laughs at that one. But how many actually think it applies to them? I’m not a confident driver. Sure, I’ve driven for 30+ years, so far avoiding any serious…

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A request to dumb-ass link builders

Black-hat link building is just braying at the wind

Dear dumb-ass link builder : Please treat our website with respect. I screen comments; so sending spammy posts full of links to crazy, unconnected websites just annoys me and gets your comment marked as SPAM. To anyone who hires a dumb-ass spammy link-builder, I would respectfully suggest that you go look up how search engines work. Here’s a good starting…

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Dental lab work and patient care

Lab work - it can make a dental nurse jump with joy or swear like a trooper

The Lab Man cometh The arrival of the courier bringing the day’s lab work causes mild excitement in every dental practice. In many practices, the appointment book is organised to take advantage of this; we usually take impressions before his/her arrival, and carry out fittings afterwards. For the patient, this looks like so much admin. For the dentist, this is…

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