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Digital 3D Models in Medicine – we’ve come a long way

3D Modelling is now an established medical technology Back in the late 1990’s I was working as an PR consultant for Insight Marketing & Communications Limited, which at the time was one of the UK’s leading technology PR agencies. My favourite client was a company SDRC Inc. This was a high-end computer-aided design (CAD) software vendor, now owned by Siemens.…

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What do you do when a bank’s ‘Customer Support’ procedures don’t work?

Banker Cartoon - c/o Cartoonstock.com

Dear Bank Manager Did you know that several of your online banking functions no-longer work using the Firefox browser? Did you know that your ‘Secure Message’ facility doesn’t seem to work in Firefox or Chrome? Do your “Customer Support” team know this? We tried five or six times to simply report these minor technical problems that were causing serious disruption…

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