• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

We’ve been filming … 6Ws of video

Hint’s and tips on creating videos We recently started work on a series of videos for one of our clients, which has prompted us to write this blog about some of the things we believe you should think about when creating videos. As in all communications, the 6Ws are a good starting point. Why Think about what you are trying…

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Precision PR – Travel Policy – Recharges

M11 Motorway

What you need to know when you ask us to go somewhere This is our standard travel policy and it details how we recharge expenses and charge for time spent travelling. We don’t charge for monthly meetings and project reviews. These are a scheduled part of your retainer fee. If you ask us to travel somewhere in the UK on…

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Merry Christmas, and a warm, safe and comfortable New Year

Byte Night

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family This year we’ve decided to NOT send Christmas Cards to our many friends and relatives.  Instead we’ve made a donation to Byte Night – https://www.bytenight.org.uk/ So why have we gone all ‘Chariddy Baby’? The issue of homelessness clashes head-on in the UK with cut-backs to social services. One of the points of conflict is children’s…

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Working with European Industry Analysts

IDC - Irish Markets infographic

Industry analysts are a critical part of any B2B market place, especially technology. They should therefore be an important consideration in every B2B marketing campaign. While their influence on your business may not always be obvious, it makes sense to at least consider what that influence might be and how best to make it is positive. Types of analyst Broadly…

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