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Meet the team

We are …

Chris Webb - Director - Precision PR

Chris Webb – Director

Chris Webb



Cary Cray-Webb - Director - Precision PR

Cary Cray-Webb – Director

Cary Cray-Webb

  • Artist, medical illustrator and registered dental nurse
  • Creative mind, ideas sounding board and keeper of the chequebook
  • Writes about medical and dental technology, and practice management software
  • Paints, sculpts and imagines
  • Really is in charge
  • cary@precisionpr.co.uk



Liz Warren - Precision PR - business communication specialist

Liz Warren – Associate

Liz Warren



Dawn LI

Dawn Li – Associate

Dawn Li

  • Graphic designer and web developer, and Creative Director with our partner company, EastWest Design
  • With more than 16 years of design and publishing experience, including a spell with one of the World’s best-known media brands
  • As happy working with online media as she is with print
  • Lives and works in the beautiful city of Norwich



Brian Minards - Precision PR - visual communication specialist

Brian Minards – Associate

Brian Minards

  • Corporate branding and graphic design guru
  • Develops brands, designs visual content, and teaches advertising and graphic design
  • Knows a thing or two about printing and how designers should best use it
  • Astonishingly good at assembling flat-pack furniture


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