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Music PR and Marketing Services

Marketing services from an expert (who happens to be a musician)

Chris Webb (ACIPR) - PR professional who also happens to be a musician

Chris Webb (ACIPR) – PR professional who also happens to be a musician

As a qualified and very experienced PR professional, I’ve been shocked by some of the things I’ve seen claiming to be ‘specialist music PR’. There are of course some great PR and marketing consultants in the music industry. But there are also many that are not so good, and I’m sad to see so many up and coming artists paying huge sums of money for poor workmanship.

That is why Precision PR now offers PR and marketing services and consultancy designed specifically for musicians and music industry brands.


There is no point in us putting together services for musicians and pricing them the same way we do for our corporate and technology clients. Instead, we’ve designed our services to be comparable to those of a decent recording studio.

We’ve tailored our offerings to make them practical, but we won’t compromise on service, so if they look expensive there’s nothing we can do but wish you luck.

So some of the things we can do for you are;

Press Releases

  • Creation: £50-£100 depending on what you need to include in the release
  • Distribution: £25-£200 depending on what you need to include with the release

Press Pack

  • Design: £25-£100
  • Assembly and delivery: £25-£50 plus postage and materials
  • Biographies and back-stories: £15-£50 each, depending on requirements

Media relations and strategic advice

  • Calling and liaising with journalists: £25 per hour (with a defined and targetted plan)
  • PR strategy and advice: £25 per hour


  • Poster design: £25 per hour – typically, we design a template (which may take a while) and then fit in new details
  • Poster printing: depends on spec and numbers – using digital technology there’s no minimum quantity
  • Large format printing: depends on spec and numbers

Social media

  • Strategy, campaign planning and advice: £25 per hour
  • Community management: £25 per channel per week
  • Bandmix page: £50
  • Eventbrite page: £50


  • Design & build: from £200 – depends on requirements. Normally we design so you can choose to do your own maintenance, or give it to us to do for you.
  • Website & blog management: we only manage WordPress websites and blogs. Typically £25 per month, but tell us what you need.
  • Blog posts from £12.50 (typically £25) depending on the subject and required research


  • Quick snaps and digital files: £25 plus travel, usually to a rehearsal or similar location
  • Location shots/live event from £50 plus travel and expenses
  • Full-on studio session (inc lights and make-up): £400-£800 – the ultimate promo shots with one of the best photographers in the business. Includes an hour of our time to liaise with and brief the photographer – the rest is photographer and studio fees.


  • Don’t try this at home as your credibility depends on it. We will source a suitable video producer and editor to suit your ideas and budget.


For more information, go to our contact page, or call Chris on 07432 189 149.


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