The Final Curtain

In a world of shouting, the clearest sound you’ll hear is a whisper

Although people seemed to like our proposition, we have been forced to close the doors of Precision PR Limited. Maybe we weren’t saying the right thing at the right time to enough or the right people, but we’ve succumbed after a personal illness. And the final straw has been the novel corona-virus COVID-19 which has halted our recovery by forcing the cancellation or delay of a number of events and exhibitions that provide us with work.

We’ve met some great people and worked with some great organisations – thanks to you all, but we can’t continue as we are.

Cary has gone back to nursing, Chris has gone back to working for other people and ‘freelancing’.

If you want us you can still reach us via 07432 189149

but for now au revoir, auf wiedersehen, and cheerio!