• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

How to brand your practice

Which supermarket is your dental practice like? (by Chris Webb and Cary Cray-Webb) We’ve been working in PR for the dental industry for two years now – you may have seen some of our work with brands such as Pearl Dental Software.  During that time we’ve had the privilege to study many dental businesses and practices across the country. It…

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What do you think of the show so far?

Morcombe and Wise (with Glenda Jackson) - What do you think of the show so far?

Confessions of an NEC virgin (by Cary Cray-Webb) A couple of weeks ago, my husband frog-marched me to the car and then drove me at speed towards Birmingham. While I’m growing very familiar with the western stretches of the A14, I’ve always managed to stop short of the M6 (except for one family trip to Dudley – a different story,…

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Two great articles on Pearl’s site

Cary Cray-Webb - Director - Precision PR

Oh My Lord! They use our articles We recently wrote two new articles for our client BHA Software which have been posted on their Pearl dental software site to fuel their ongoing social media campaign. Oh my Lord! They use Pearl! Nurse training and retention: time to act   If you are looking for specialist content that sounds special but…

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Merry Christmas, and a warm, safe and comfortable New Year

Byte Night

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family This year we’ve decided to NOT send Christmas Cards to our many friends and relatives.  Instead we’ve made a donation to Byte Night – https://www.bytenight.org.uk/ So why have we gone all ‘Chariddy Baby’? The issue of homelessness clashes head-on in the UK with cut-backs to social services. One of the points of conflict is children’s…

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Dental lab work and patient care

Lab work - it can make a dental nurse jump with joy or swear like a trooper

The Lab Man cometh The arrival of the courier bringing the day’s lab work causes mild excitement in every dental practice. In many practices, the appointment book is organised to take advantage of this; we usually take impressions before his/her arrival, and carry out fittings afterwards. For the patient, this looks like so much admin. For the dentist, this is…

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Oh my God! They use Exact!

Image produced by Carestream Dental RVG 6500 System

This is not a criticism – this was my reaction the first time I used the dental practice management software at my new practice. When I trained as a dental nurse I spent 18 months working for a large chain of dental practices, and although I worked at two locations 30 miles or so apart, they used the same software;…

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