Terms & Conditions

This page lays out our principle terms & conditions. Last update – December 2019.

Payment terms;

  1. Ongoing retained campaigns – Invoiced at the start of the month. Payment due within 14-days of invoice.
  2. Photography – Invoiced upon completion of the assignment.
    1. We do not usually charge a mark-up of handling fee. Where no handling fee is charged, payments are due upon receipt.
    2. Where we do charge a handling fee, payments are due within 14-days.
  3. Writing projects – Invoiced upon acceptance of the work. Payment due within 7-days of invoice.
  4. Other projects – Invoiced upon completion of the project. Payment due within 14-days of invoice.
  5. Websites – Invoiced upon sign-off off of the completed project. Payment due within 14-days of invoice. Maintenance arrangements and any fees are project specific.
  6. Consultancy – Invoiced at the end of the month. Payments are due within 14-days.
  7. Training courses – Training courses are booked through Eventbrite and paid for at the time of booking. Evenbrite also handles refunds automatically

Project management;

  1. Project Progress Meetings – Ongoing retained campaigns – We don’t charge for these. But they are an essential part of our methodology, so we would appreciate it if we could arrange regular meetings or teleconferences to make sure we’re all on track.
  2. Reporting – Within reason, we will report to you as often as you wish covering whatever metric you wish, free of charge. If we think it’s excessive we’ll say so. If you still want it we’ll charge you a consultancy fee for the extra work.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. The contract we will be between Precision PR Limited and xxxxxxx.
  2. Precision PR Limited will work with trusted associates in order to bring to bear the most appropriate skills.
    1. Where an associate is used they will work under our terms and conditions.
    2. We will notify you in advance that we are using an associate and provide summary details of that person or organisation.
    3. Confidentiality (and other similar) agreements and responsibilities are transferred both implicitly and where necessary explicitly to associates.
  3. Because we will make additional investment specifically for your campaign;
    1. All retained (monthly recurring charge) work will be invoiced at the start of the month, payable within 14-days.
    2. Any set-up charges will be invoiced separately in two parts.
      1. Part A (50%) will be invoiced before work begins and is payable within 7-days.
      2. Part B (50%) will be invoiced on completion and is payable within 14-days.
    3. Ad hoc charges will be billed separately.
      1. A quote for the work will be issued at time of commissioning.
      2. The work will be invoiced once completed and the invoice is payable within 14-days.
    4. There may be a quarterly break point in the plan of a retained campaign.
      1. Terminating the contract at the breakpoint is subject to one-month’s notice so that the campaign can be wound-down and materials etc. can be handed back.
      2. Terminating the contract at any other point in the quarter is subject to two months notice.
  4. Precision PR Limited will implicitly treat all information confidentiality, as defined in CIPR Professional Standards. However, we also agree to be bound by any explicit confidentiality agreement you require (subject to preview of the document).
  5. Precision PR Limited will not enter into a similar contract with a direct competitor without your explicit agreement.
  6. Neither party will recruit staff or associates from the other without previous agreement.
  7. Any complaints should be;
    1. Addressed in the first instance to the Account Director
    2. Escalated to another Company Director
    3. Disputes can be further escalated to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
    4. Should it become necessary to resolve a dispute in court, English Civil and Criminal Law shall prevail.
  8. Once a proposal is finalised as a project or campaign, we will mutually agree a date to start the campaign. Contracts shall be drawn-up and signed based on this date.
    1. The ongoing contracts will be in place for 12-months from the start date, and reviewed at that time. It may be renewed, amended or terminated at that time with mutual agreement.
  9. If you wish contracts, campaigns or projects to be run under your terms and conditions, please present these for review before the start of any work.
  10. Ownership and copyright of any work or materials remains the property of Precision PR Limited until such time as invoices are settled in full. This includes materials delivered as drafts for comment or approval.
    1. Materials may not be used for any purpose (other than approvals) until ownership and copyright are transferred by Precision PR Limited without prior agreement by a director of Precision PR Limited.
  11. Precision PR Limited is registered at:
    1. Reg. Office: Pickering House, 40A York Place, Leeds LS1 2ED.
    2. Company No: 10604823 VAT reg: 261 1645 24
    3. Correspondence and office address: 21 Parkfields, Sible Hedingham, Halstead, Essex CO9 3NJ