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The Dentistry Show – 17th & 18th May – 10 Things

What we learned from this year’s Dentistry Show This year, we decided to attend the Dentistry Show at the NEC. Unfortunately, Cary couldn’t make it, so Chris went to both days – on the Friday with Ben Baker of our client Pearl Dental Software, and on the Saturday with our dentist friend, Jules. This article highlights ten of the things…

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Process before technology

A rant against edicts (and idiots) I recently posted a rant on LinkedIn about a story I saw on the BBC News Site. At the time of writing, my post has been viewed 692 times. The reason for my irritation? The story purports to be about technology, but in fact, it’s about a political idiot issuing a political edict for…

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Evaluating new technology

Good afternoon – I’d like to buy a computer: How should dental practices weigh up cost and performance when investing in new technology? Always a tricky question, but here’s how I would do it. Why do you need to invest in technology? Because something takes too much time or resources, costs money or doesn’t make enough money. Alternatively, a 3rd-party (the…

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So put your money where your mouth is

Precision PR advert in Modern Dentist Magazine

Our first advert “Well Mr Client, chasing earned media and working with Social Media is only half the battle.” We admit it – we’ve said it many times. No one route to an audience is seen by everyone you’d like, so the more (properly chosen and co-ordinated) routes you have the more people will read your message. So now we’ve…

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Digital 3D Models in Medicine – we’ve come a long way

3D Modelling is now an established medical technology Back in the late 1990’s I was working as an PR consultant for Insight Marketing & Communications Limited, which at the time was one of the UK’s leading technology PR agencies. My favourite client was a company SDRC Inc. This was a high-end computer-aided design (CAD) software vendor, now owned by Siemens.…

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Once upon a time 3D-Printing was called Rapid Prototyping

Ford Duratec engine - modelled in I-DEAS CAd software

The democratisation of one-off digital-to-physical things Once upon a time in a far, far world, people used to make one-off prototypes of planned new products using really exotic stuff and incredibly expensive computer systems. Today, in a small office near you, someone is doing the same thing for a fraction of the cost. And without the need to prepare baths…

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IPEX 2017 – A visit to the NEC

IPEX 2017 - great content and real business opportunities

The UK’s premier international print show? This week I took the time out to visit the NEC for IPEX 2017. Billed as ‘The UK’s premier international print show’, there were several reasons I wanted to go. The first reason was that IPEX 2017 is ‘my show’. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I feel some ownership of it as I…

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Things I wish I could do in CAD

Part of the Avon Ring Road

Computer Aided Geekiness I’m no designer or engineer, but I absolutely love Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and all its derivatives and associated applications. I love 3D-modelling, I love surface manufacturing. I love rendered visualisations. And I love all the things you can do with them. I’m also pretty keen on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).…

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Looking forward to IPEX

IPEX 2017 is planned to be a 'print live' event, so expect some spectacular demonstrations

Coming to an NEC near you Last year I was very fortunate and pleased to work on the project to promote IPEX 2017 – the international print exhibition. We faced some difficult challenges, such as: competitor exhibitions changing their frequency; a poorly managed change of venue (for IPEX 2014); a completely new exhibition management team. This year, IPEX 2017 is…

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Using imaging technologies to enhance patient care

Image result for dental 3d models Medical Applications in 3D Scanning | LMI3D LMI Technologies

Don’t forget the patient (by Dr Iulian Popescu) Modern dental imaging technology is amazing. We now have digital x-rays that throw an image to the dentist’s computer screen in seconds. ‘OPG’ machines can create a panoramic radiograph (a 2d image of the patient’s whole dentition). We even have digital scanners that can create a 3-D map of the inside surfaces…

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