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What we do

What we do – our services

We create precise European PR programmes, efficient marketing campaigns and effective content. PR and marketing communication services, delivered with precision to capture the attention of European and UK technology audiences.

Chris Webb - Director - Precision PR Limited - responsibe for delivery of services

Chris Webb – Director – Precision PR Limited

Turning time zones to your advantage

Precision PR is set-up to deal every day with clients both within and outside our time zone – to provide a flexible service that makes time differences work in your favour. Our team becomes an ‘in-market’ extension of your team that not only increases your geographic footprint, but also your departmental capability.

Our communications services include;

  • PR and communications strategies
  • Media relations consultancy and support
  • Analyst relations consultancy
  • Content marketing consultancy
  • Content creation
    • copy-writing, video, royalty-free music, illustrations, artworks, graphics and anatomical drawings
  • Stakeholder and internal communications consultancy and support
  • Social media strategies
  • Social marketing consultancy and support
  • Digital marketing

If you want to get more from your European marketing programmes, call us.

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