• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

Dental lab work and patient care

Lab work - it can make a dental nurse jump with joy or swear like a trooper

The Lab Man cometh The arrival of the courier bringing the day’s lab work causes mild excitement in every dental practice. In many practices, the appointment book is organised to take advantage of this; we usually take impressions before his/her arrival, and carry out fittings afterwards. For the patient, this looks like so much admin. For the dentist, this is…

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It’s all in the name

Computer crash test simulaton

One day a couple of years ago, I looked up from my desk, glanced at a paper, and discovered that someone had invented 3D-Printing. Except they hadn’t. Once I worked out what was being described I realised that I wrote about it 20-odd years ago (in a publication called Time Compression Technologies) while working with one of my CAD clients.…

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