• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

How to brand your practice

Which supermarket is your dental practice like? (by Chris Webb and Cary Cray-Webb) We’ve been working in PR for the dental industry for two years now – you may have seen some of our work with brands such as Pearl Dental Software.  During that time we’ve had the privilege to study many dental businesses and practices across the country. It…

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Have you ever heard of Rehab4Addiction?

Advice for those seeking recovery from addiction A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman. He was asking me to provide a link to his website from the website of my band. Normally I consign such emails to the ‘blocked sender’ list. But this one caught my interest because of the song he mentioned, namely our…

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Two great articles on Pearl’s site

Cary Cray-Webb - Director - Precision PR

Oh My Lord! They use our articles We recently wrote two new articles for our client BHA Software which have been posted on their Pearl dental software site to fuel their ongoing social media campaign. Oh my Lord! They use Pearl! Nurse training and retention: time to act   If you are looking for specialist content that sounds special but…

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6 Tips on Managing Children in a Dental Surgery

How to keep children safe while parents receive dental surgery treatments

Ideas from Dental Nurses who are also Mums (By Charlotte Taylor)   This article has been moved to the new Pearl Dental Software website. You can read it at ; http://www.pearldentalsoftware.com/6-tips-on-managing-children-in-a-dental-surgery/   About the Author Charlotte Taylor is Customer Services manager at Pearl Dental Software and can be contacted at : +44 116 275 9995 or charlotte.taylor@bhasoftware.com

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Using imaging technologies to enhance patient care

Image result for dental 3d models Medical Applications in 3D Scanning | LMI3D LMI Technologies

Don’t forget the patient (by Dr Iulian Popescu) Modern dental imaging technology is amazing. We now have digital x-rays that throw an image to the dentist’s computer screen in seconds. ‘OPG’ machines can create a panoramic radiograph (a 2d image of the patient’s whole dentition). We even have digital scanners that can create a 3-D map of the inside surfaces…

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