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Looking forward to IPEX

IPEX 2017 is planned to be a 'print live' event, so expect some spectacular demonstrations

Coming to an NEC near you Last year I was very fortunate and pleased to work on the project to promote IPEX 2017 – the international print exhibition. We faced some difficult challenges, such as: competitor exhibitions changing their frequency; a poorly managed change of venue (for IPEX 2014); a completely new exhibition management team. This year, IPEX 2017 is…

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Using imaging technologies to enhance patient care

Image result for dental 3d models Medical Applications in 3D Scanning | LMI3D LMI Technologies

Don’t forget the patient (by Dr Iulian Popescu) Modern dental imaging technology is amazing. We now have digital x-rays that throw an image to the dentist’s computer screen in seconds. ‘OPG’ machines can create a panoramic radiograph (a 2d image of the patient’s whole dentition). We even have digital scanners that can create a 3-D map of the inside surfaces…

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