New win – ghost writers

Specialist copy writing services

Chris has recently been engaged to write blogs and website copy for a large, Thames Valley-based marketing agency. He was selected for his flexible approach to the task plus his previous experience in the subject.

Although we can’t disclose the name of the client or the end-user of the copy, we’re pretty damn happy to have be part of such a prestigious project.

If you have a copy writing project that you need help with on any aspect of corporate / B2B technology and information, please get in touch – we will be delighted to discuss the project with you in confidence.

Chris has spent nearly 30 years managing in-house and agency PR teams creating highly successful communications campaigns. With a little help from friends, Chris created Precision PR in the spring of 2017. Chris has held senior communications roles at CODA, Hyperion, CSI, Qualys and Epson, and has worked in several mid-level and senior agency roles gaining a range of strategic and hands-on skills with clients and business partners that include; Alcatel-Lucent, Adaptsys, BHA Software, IBM, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, QAD, Qlik,, SAP, SDRC and Yokogawa. Our associates have worked with many others.

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