• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

Heditude 2019 – a case study

Once upon a time in a rural Essex village … Heditude is a community music festival. It’s the vision of a local man, Aaron Stevens. But it was brought to life by a small band of his friends – and Precision PR Limited. This is the story of how a bit of marketing discipline can turn a little dream into…

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How to brand your practice

Which supermarket is your dental practice like? (by Chris Webb and Cary Cray-Webb) We’ve been working in PR for the dental industry for two years now – you may have seen some of our work with brands such as Pearl Dental Software.  During that time we’ve had the privilege to study many dental businesses and practices across the country. It…

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Getting digital marketing right

Don’t shout – whisper Digital PR and marketing apparently provide businesses with some distinct advantages over traditional methods. People will tell you that you can reach a bigger audience. Well, you sort of can, sometimes. But traditional media still has a massive reach. They will also tell you that, you can more easily reach a better-targeted audience. Well, that’s true…

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Have you ever heard of Rehab4Addiction?

Advice for those seeking recovery from addiction A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman. He was asking me to provide a link to his website from the website of my band. Normally I consign such emails to the ‘blocked sender’ list. But this one caught my interest because of the song he mentioned, namely our…

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New website launched – Heditude 2018

Precision PR - Heditude 2018

Heditude 2018 – website by Precision PR We were recently asked to create a website for Heditude 2018, a local community music festival. The site took us just over a week from approval of our initial design to launch. This includes managing approvals by the volunteers who run the festival in their spare time. We’ve now built three websites (as…

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Press Release – New Win

BHA Software - Pearl Dental Software

Pearl Dental Software gets social with Precision PR Everyone loves a trip to the dentist, right? Well, maybe not, but the team behind Pearl Dental Software are determined to help make the process as painless as possible. As part of its efforts to bring the company’s powerful, UK-specific solution to as many dental practices as possible, Pearl’s developer – Baker…

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Coming from America?

Pan Am Boeing 707

In 1999, when I started work for Hyperion as EMEA PR Manager, the internet had already begun to change the international communications landscape. Companies could no-longer conduct discrete communications and media relations programmes on a country-by-country basis. What was said in California on Tuesday could be known to UK and European journalists on Wednesday morning. And what was done in…

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