• In a world of shouting, the clearest sound is sometimes a whisper

Heditude 2019 – a case study

Once upon a time in a rural Essex village … Heditude is a community music festival. It’s the vision of a local man, Aaron Stevens. But it was brought to life by a small band of his friends – and Precision PR Limited. This is the story of how a bit of marketing discipline can turn a little dream into…

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How to brand your practice

Which supermarket is your dental practice like? (by Chris Webb and Cary Cray-Webb) We’ve been working in PR for the dental industry for two years now – you may have seen some of our work with brands such as Pearl Dental Software.  During that time we’ve had the privilege to study many dental businesses and practices across the country. It…

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How to waste money on advertising

Picture - The Brexit Bus subverted

It’s easily done The adage “Fail to plan and you plan to fail” couldn’t be more true of advertising. But we’ve all done it. You know what happens – the friendly advertising rep from your favourite magazine rings you and tells you they can give you a half-page at a 75% discount, so you buy your bargain space and feel…

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What do you do when a bank’s ‘Customer Support’ procedures don’t work?

Banker Cartoon - c/o Cartoonstock.com

Dear Bank Manager Did you know that several of your online banking functions no-longer work using the Firefox browser? Did you know that your ‘Secure Message’ facility doesn’t seem to work in Firefox or Chrome? Do your “Customer Support” team know this? We tried five or six times to simply report these minor technical problems that were causing serious disruption…

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I Love Printing!

Cadbury Flake advert - early '70s

I love imaging technology of all sorts, but I particularly love printing. My passion for printing and print technologies was instilled in me very early by my father who worked as a manager at Europe’s (then) biggest manufacturer of flexible packaging. Have you ever seen 1-Tonne of chocolate wrappers? Dad worked for Colodense Ltd, a subsidiary of British Cellophane Limited.…

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